New LEADS members at Summer Short Course

Congrats to members who completed first core module at Summer Short Course

Congratulations to 26 new LEADS members who completed their first core module at this year’s Summer Short Course, held August 8-11, 2023.  Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling future in their new role within the Education Sector.  New members randomly listed:  Courtney Lawrance, Robert Whiteman, Amanda Kornaga, Luisa Giocoli Clark, Thomas Hickey, Sharon Hoffman, Christine Gibson, Amanda Risling, Stacey Klisowsky, Clayton Parobec, Randy Kerr, Dawn Paylor, Cheryl Treptow, Mitch Luiten, Paul McTavish, Kent Muench, Lisa Allen, Danette Exner, Karla Howat, Tammy German, Brandon Stroh, Jeff Court, Nathan Johnson, Meaghan Friedrick, Kim Hobbs and Chris Oscar.