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Collaborative Response Retreat

| Professional Development

Lacombe, Alberta – April 30-May 2, 2020

Jigsaw Learning is holding its 2020 Collaborative Response Retreat on May 1-2 (with pre-retreat symposium workshops on April 30) in Lacombe, Alberta.  Currently, approximately two-thirds of the districts and authorities in Alberta have schools (or the entire district) engaged in the fundamental components of Collaborative Response.  Learn more about the school-wide framework at  

This year’s event has been designed in a retreat format to accommodate the specific needs of every team planning on attending, with an end goal of teams walking away with a solid implementation plan for the coming year, tailored to where they are in the process.  Whether just starting out or deeply refining their Collaborative Response, the retreat will provide an opportunity to reflect on current practices in Collaborative Response and to determine areas of need.  Sessions and structured conversations will reflect the individualized needs of those in attendance.  The retreat will be an excellent way for a school or district team to engage in strategic planning for 2020-2021 with 200 other colleagues and Jigsaw Learning supports!  Also planned are some fun "retreat" like activities on Friday night (2020 Retreat Overview).

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Registration numbers are limited to 200.  

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